What We’re Reading: Interesting Articles Across the Web

Busy week over here at The Soulcial Circle, but never too busy to check out other fascinating websites. Here are just a few articles that sparked our interest this week. Check them out and let us know what you think.

BBC News: Livestock Virus hits 74 farms in England
The Schmallenberg infection has been reported in both sheep and cattle in various farms across England. The virus is said to cause miscarriages and birth defects in livestock. It is said that the underreported infection does not cause harm in humans.
Read the article here.

Ms. Magazine: Hollywood’s Black Herstory: Have Roles for Black Women Evolved in the Past 73 Years?
Janell Hobson analyzes the history of black women in Hollywood her piece. She explores the lack of diversity in cinema and the evolution, if any, of the roles black actresses play in films.
To read more, click here.

Racialicious: Very Smart Brothas’ Fauxpology, Too $hort’s “Advice,” And Muffling About Intraracial Sexual Violence
Writer Andrea Plaid explores the racial implications of sexual violence in the African-American community. She discusses both Too Short’s controversy along with the rape prevention tips from Very Smart Brothas.
Read it here.


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